• You could be part of BoostNation! When you volunteer with BOOST….you are part of BoostNation! That means you love God, love other people and want to serve with the BOOST team to reach this city for Christ! Everyone who is part of BoostNation must attend an orientation meeting before serving, which you’ll want to do because it is fun, informative and there’s free stuff! There are so many ways to serve! Tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll contact you with more information. Thank you for being on mission with BOOST...and joining BoostNation!
  • Present Church Affiliation

  • BOOST Mission Statement: Desiring obedience above all, we will use Christian Music as a means of encouraging believers, uniting the body of Christ and sharing the clear, lifechanging message of Jesus with the world. THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF BOOST RESERVE THE RIGHT TO:
    • Approve of all volunteers who work at the radio station, at the concerts or at special events.
    • Assign all responsibilities to individual volunteers.
    • Require that all volunteers be 18 years of age or older.
    • Require that all volunteers undergo a background check.
    • Require that all volunteers attend 1 training session per year.
  • Commitment/Confidentiality Agreement